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LILT Trieste

Dear foreign friend,

this is the site of the Trieste branch of the nationwide voluntary organisation LILT (Italian league for the fight against the cancer). The primary scope of our organisation is the promotion of all forms of oncological prevention.

Our volunteers carry out information activity and medical education through the elaboration and the diffusion of dedicated material with regard to the following matters:

  • smoking give-up
  • alimentation
  • AIDS
  • drug and alcohol
  • gynecological education
  • environment and pollution

Or services are free and include the assistance of the patient at home, car transportation, psycological support to him/her and his/her relatives and family. We also organise training courses for volunteers and seminars on the same subject matters.


Much to our sorrow this site is in Italian and it has no translation in other languages. Our services however are meant to be of help and relief to all people in pain, making no difference of colour, faith, language or sex.

Please feel free to contact us in your language: we will do our best to understand you and help you anyway.

"Lavorare con voi è stata un'esperienza coinvolgente ed emozionante, che mi ha aperto un mondo di cui solo sospettavo l'esistenza. Esistono dunque ancora valori quali la solidarietà ed il rispetto umano !"

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